PP14 | unlocked 4G LTE Router with SIM Slot and local GUI

802.11n Router with 4G LTE Module, 3x100MB/sec Ethernet Ports, embedded SIM Module for Remote Offices, Payment Terminals, RVs, Rural Internet, airbnb Vacation Homes and industrial use. 

PC14 4G LTE Router

802.11n Unlocked 4G LTE Router

Provide reliable and fast 4G and WiFi service with the Pronto Networks PP14. The PP14 is a perfect option for RVs, Boats, Vacation homes, Construction Industries, Business, Remote areas, Residences, and underserved locations. With optional Pronto eSIM, you have full control over your data usage. PP14 can be configured using an intuitive local web interface

Flexible Development

Multiple functions such as Primary access, M2M, failover to support flexible deployment scenarios

Works in fringe 4G Coverage Area

External Antenna allow connecting 4G LPDA or 4G MIMO Antennas for improved signal in remote areas

Always-on Payment Terminal Support

POS transactions and mission critical devices are protected by VPN, Firewalls and Security Features

Embedded 4G Module

Embedded enterprise grade 4G LTE wireless module for business continuity

Plug and Play

Just insert a compatible SIM and start using without any complex configurations. Works out of box.

VPN and Firewall Support

Configure a VPN client to connect to enterprise network and secure your network with advanced firewall capabilities

Pronto SIM works on T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon

Pronto Multi-Carrier SIM

A Single SIM Card that works on all Major Operators. Use “pronto” APN and connect to best avffailable 4G LTE signal. Pay only for data consumed in a month. No need to guess your data cost and commit to monthly minimums. PP14 works with Pronto SIM without any configuration.

Ideal Low Cost Solution

PP14 4G LTE Router supports LAN speeds of 100MBps and has integrated 2.4 Ghz radio supporting data rates of 300Mbps on Wi-Fi. With high speed 4G/3G wireless connectivity, it can deliver 4G as a primary WAN connection, robust failover or to support M2M technologies. Available with Pronto eSIM that works on all major US Wireless Carriers, connectivity costs can be monitored and managed from SIM billing console

PP14 Firewalls
Wireless Networks

Wireless Connectivity

Pronto Networks PP14 series are high speed 4G LTE routers with Cat-4 Modems that provide plug and play wireless connectivity for fixed business venues. Designed for retail, distributed enterprises and POS deployments, the PP14 is a versatile solution that offers wired Ethernet and 4G wireless WAN connectivity

Advanced local GUI

The PP14 4G gateway routers come with modern GUI that provides intuitive experience to configure Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and network parameters. Local GUI provides live network and 4G traffic monitoring, simple configuration of firewall and setup VPN.

PP14 local GUI

Use cases to suit many applications

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Questions about PP14?

Learn about PP14, a state of the art feature rich, remotely managed unlocked 4G LTE Router

Which LTE Bands are supported in USA?

North America version of PP14 supports all LTE bands for all operators, when ordered with default Cat-4 LTE Modem

Does it work in my country?

Contact your distributor or online reseller to order proper SKU for your country. Pronto Networks supports most of operators across world

Is it POE Capable?

PP14 does not have a POE capability. It can be powered by an included 12V, 1.5A power adapter. For POE power, use its outdoor version PP14O

Is SIM included?

PP14 is shipped with a multi-carrier SIM included that works on all major operators in USA. You can activate to start using service right away

What is compatible SIM Size?

A 2FF Mini SIM is required

How to manage this 4G Router

You can manage this router using its local GUI. Local GUI is accesible at by connecting to its LAN ports.